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The Bloodletter by HeronLover7 The Bloodletter :iconheronlover7:HeronLover7 1 5 Little Beginnings  by HeronLover7 Little Beginnings :iconheronlover7:HeronLover7 0 1 The Punishment  by HeronLover7 The Punishment :iconheronlover7:HeronLover7 0 1 The Meeting of the Borac by HeronLover7 The Meeting of the Borac :iconheronlover7:HeronLover7 1 0 Errors of the Divine II by HeronLover7 Errors of the Divine II :iconheronlover7:HeronLover7 2 1 An End to the Meek by HeronLover7 An End to the Meek :iconheronlover7:HeronLover7 0 1 Errors of the Divine  by HeronLover7 Errors of the Divine :iconheronlover7:HeronLover7 0 1 Echoes of the Gods by HeronLover7 Echoes of the Gods :iconheronlover7:HeronLover7 1 1 The Black Scourge  by HeronLover7 The Black Scourge :iconheronlover7:HeronLover7 0 2 The Ancients Awake by HeronLover7 The Ancients Awake :iconheronlover7:HeronLover7 0 1 The God of Mechanical Death and Glory by HeronLover7 The God of Mechanical Death and Glory :iconheronlover7:HeronLover7 0 6 Malek The Devourer by HeronLover7 Malek The Devourer :iconheronlover7:HeronLover7 1 3 Malek, The Destroyer  by HeronLover7 Malek, The Destroyer :iconheronlover7:HeronLover7 0 7 Fallout japes by HeronLover7 Fallout japes :iconheronlover7:HeronLover7 0 0 The Kraken by HeronLover7 The Kraken :iconheronlover7:HeronLover7 0 3 Mobile Sub by HeronLover7 Mobile Sub :iconheronlover7:HeronLover7 0 2


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Little Beginnings
"In the beginning, it may not have had to become war. It may have been a peace, albeit somewhat delicate.

But when the machines rose, they set their sights on Man, an unknown, and therefore dangerous, entity to the Syndicate .

Here, the first confirmed Human casualty of the First Syndicate War, a 7 year old girl, her name lost in the fury of war and the sands of time."

-The Encyclopediac
The Punishment
"Long ago, a few million years before humanity rose to the stars, only two intelligent life forms ruled the spiral encompassing the Sol system. One of them were the R'ull. The R'ull despised all other sentient beings, so it is no surprise when the R'ull wiped out the other race, genetically modifying their bodies to be basically moving pond scum, still remembering their former lives.

After a few generations, when the pond scum lost all sentience, something marvelous began to happen. Each proceeding generation became specialized to do singular simple tasks, as well as group together and meld with other of the floating beings, with some pulling oxygen from the air, while another slowly padded along.

Eventually, this planet was slowly covered in the hyperspecialized organisms, working together in semi-humanoid columns. Today, these are known as the Bunchers, the lowest of every society in the three galaxies."

- The Encyclopediac
The Meeting of the Borac
The Borac Hive-Mother herself rises from her pit to greet the first alliance vessel to reach the enigmatic race of mechanically assisted creatures, in a way, brains in jars.
Errors of the Divine II
When the Gods fell, they left the Angels, who silenced the Arch-Demons for many millennia.

However, when the foolishness of humanity awoke them, they had no competition, making them the new gods of this universe.

Here, an Arch-demon displays its prize on a newly seeded world.


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